The Inspiration

How it all started...
Kelvins Eghosa

" It all started in the year 2008 when I was diagnosed of some digestive track infections. At the hospital, I waited close to forty-five (45) minutes to get registered as a patient at the health record office, another twenty (20) minutes at the account office to pay for consultation card to see a doctor. Then, over one (1) hour on the queue to meet with available doctor. Though in pain, I imagined other patients with worst cases and how it would have been nice to save their lives by saving more time. I vowed to do something about that, when I am well again.

Promise kept, its seven (7) years after then, a World-Class E-Health Application has been birthed and helping others out of the predicament I was and even more. We called it; HospiCarePro. Designed for any health institution that has the patient as centre of operation.
It is suitable for all sizes of healthcare providers; from clinics to multi-specialty hospitals, covering a wide range of hospital administration and management processes."
- Kelvins Eghosa Aghayedo.
CEO, EntriFlex

HospiCarePro Milestones

The journey through the years...

After the conception above. A team of ICT professionals and just two medical practictioners were consulted, to come up with a workable e-health framework (which as at that time 2008, none was in the Nigerian Health Industry). Business Processes, data form and records from existing mini-systems like MS Excels were just enough to get this team started.

Two years later, 2010. HospiCare version 2 was released. With minimal features like Patient Record System (Registration and others) and pre-consultantion functionalities. This was just enough to get the attention of some reputable clients like the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Kwara State - Nigeria. With this new interest, a new team was set up by UITH to work with EntriFlex to come up with a more robust E-Health Application. Also, part of the team were over thirty (30) Medical Professionals and twenty (20) ICT Experts of all disciplines. Prof. Mukuolu, Prof. Adedoyin, Engr. Taofeeq Olatinwo, Engr Niyi Obayemi and host of others, all played leading roles in this team.

Despite the low budget that was attached to this project and couple with some other economic factors, three years this time, 2013 saw HospiCare version 10. A more robust and workable application, compared to earlier version 2. Ever since, more improvements have been done on HospiCare v10 to meet up with the designed framework and expected roadmap.

Already gaining grounds and expanding her clientele. HospiCarePro was been developed behind the scene. The need for this? EntriFlex needed to make this innovation affordable and distributable to everyone! HospiCarePro is completely a new product but developed from the experience and framework of HospiCare v10. Today, we present to you, an innovation built for everyone.

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