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HospiCarePro in a nutshell

HospiCarePro was designed for any health institution that has the patient as centre of operation. It suitable for all sizes of healthcare providers; from clinics to multi-specialty hospitals, covering a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. Healthcare practitioners, HMO's, statisticians and researchers are not left out; with well-built modules that converges all aspect of health management, processes and practices. Also, the government at a larger perspective.

What problem precisely does HospiCarePro solve for the target market?
Here in Nigeria, the healthcare industry faces a lot of challenges. Let's highlight but a few;
1. Time: visiting a local clinic or hospital is usually a whole day affair. From queuing at the record department to consultation.
2. Cost: huge management and operational cost such as paper, files and cabinets
3. Efficiency/performance: because health practitioners spend more time attending to patients or even retrieving records from cabinets, this affects their daily productivity.

In simple non-technical terms, please describe how HospiCarePro works and how it solves the problems identified above From the above, HospicarePro has helped in solving these problems at the various institutions deployed. Lets use same variables above to highlight these;

1. Time: reduces consultation time and also in other areas of patient administration, thereby saving more lives.
2. Cost: reduces management and operational cost such as paper, files and cabinets
3. Efficiency/performance: health practitioners have experienced and attested to increase in the number of patient they have been attending to using hospicarepro Deployed on a network, retrieving a patient record from any part of the hospital/clinic is just some few clicks. Patient can even use the biometric function to retrieve medical record in seconds. Compared to the tiring time spent retrieving from cabinets and folders.

How it works - a simple flow (regular case, outpatient)
Step1. Health record: a patient walk in to the hospital to see a doctor. Medical record is retrieved in seconds with a few click or simply asking patient to thumb on the biometric device. Then, sent to the respective clinic for consultation
Step2. Nursing: vital signs and measurements are captured by the nurses by simply recording the values against the parameters, then queue to any of the available consultants/doctors.
Step3. Consultation: doctors on seat get notifications of a queued patient and can go through the waiting list. Pick a patient and start consultation. Patient can be referred to the laboratory, pharmacy or other clinics

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