Discover how HospiCarePro
is saving precious Time & Lives!


HospiCarePro is self-learning. Expanding and updating itself after a medical procedure


Independent modules yet excellent interaction
between various departments

  • Saving More Lives!

    From detailed patient record capturing, management and retrieval. Discover how precious Time & Lives are!

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  • Laboratories

    Radiology, Chemical Pathology, etc. HospiCarePro Supports all Investigations and Test Laboratories...

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  • Live Consultation

    Powerful and collaborative consulting module, interfacing various departments, clinics & components...

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  • Decision Support

    With inbuilt decision support systems like the; ICD 10, NANDA, Drug Interaction, self-learning knowledge...

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Welcome Remarks

From a satisfied client...

When we started off this project... We had our roadmap and vision. But we never envisaged how far we were going to go with HospiCarePro. With awesome modules...

Quick Overview

Demo Video

Watch this animated video highlighting some key features and functionalities of HospiCarePro (All Versions)

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E-Health for All!

Standard vs Live Version

The industry is flooded with EMR (Electronic Medical Record). An Healthcare Provider can only interact with another healthcare provider manually, either by printing out the patient information or exporting them to another location.

HospiCarePro (Live Version) enables live record transfer, knowledge base and decision-support mechanism. Bringing together, multiple health institutions all...

Partnership Program

Let's do this together!

Our arms are opened wide to embrace partnership opportunities with individuals and corporate entities, in delivery HospiCarePro to healthcare providers.

Community Version

Free & Unrestricted Usage
Community Version

In accordance with the goal of this innovation, to enhance healthcare delivery, by saving more time and saving lifes. We have made HospiCarePro Community

Designed for All!

Not only for hospitals & clinics...

HospiCarePro was designed for any health institution that has the patient as centre of operation. It suitable for all sizes of healthcare providers; from clinics to multi-specialty hospitals, covering a wide range of hospital administration and management processes.

Healthcare practitioners, HMO's, statisticians and researchers are not left out; with well-built modules ...

Inpatient & Outpatient
HospiCarePro maintain a unique and dynamic Patient flow. Either as an inpatient on admission or outpatient.
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Unique Record System
Medical and Transactional Records in HospiCarePro were designed to reflect the primary objectives of HospiCarPro...
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Specialty Clinics
Specialty clinics such as dental, ENT, cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedic, e.t.c depend entirely on referrals for patients...
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Interactive consulting environment with powerful integrated tools and components. Yet, simple and easy to use!
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Rx (Pharmacy)
Multi-pharmacy outlets, warehouses with awesome features such as Adverse Drug Reaction alerts, movements, dipletion, stock management e.t.c powered by ProfitaaBPM
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Just like every other module, HospiCarePro financial module is almost a full-fledged accounting system. Detail transaction reporting, account management and just lot more!
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Model Security
Files, database & sessions are all encryped with high-bit algorithm. Coupled with awesome User Access & Rights Management System
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